30cm White plastic plant seed labels 2cm wide


White plastic stick in seed plant labels

30cm 12" in length


Wider labels for more writing room

Durable white plastic plant labels suitable for plant pots, seed trays and directly in the ground. These versatile seed and plant labels can be written on easily and clearly. They are short enough to use in seed starting trays but long enough to give you sufficient space to write all your plant's details.

These longer and wider plastic seed labels give greater room to write on and greater visibility. This is particularly handy if you wish to use the plant labels directly in the ground or allotment.

Sold in packs of 25 white plastic plant labels. Each seed label is 12 inches long, 30cm and 2cm wide.

Similar, but narrower plant labels are also available to buy in black plastic from EdenSupplies. White plastic plant labels are also available in 10cm (4 inch), 15cm (6 inch) length and 20cm (8 inch).

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