6cm Peat plant pots Jiffy Round


Peat plant pots

6cm diameter round


from Jiffy

The Jiffy Pot is the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic plant pots. All Jiffy 7 peat pots are 100% degradable and approved for organic gardening.

Plant roots will naturally grow through the walls of these peat plant pots, allowing air pruning and thereby encouraging stronger roots than in traditional plastic pots. Potting on becomes a lot quicker and easier as the whole Jiffy plant pot can be transplanted without the need to remove the pot and damage the root system. The peat pot walls enhance water retention within the plant pot reducing watering needs.

Each of these Jiffy 7 peat planting pots is 100% compostable and approved for organic production.

Each peat pot measures 6cm in diameter and is approx 6cm high.

Also available to buy in 4.5cm round peat pots, 7cm and 8cm round peat plant pots, as well as square peat plant pots and as peat free alternatives (coir) in a range of sizes from EdenSupplies.

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Please note: Jiffy 7 pots are manufactured from sphagnum peat (and coir fibres) harvested from carefully selected bogs which are subject to stringent internal and governmental controls to ensure minimal environmental impact. Peat is only taken from sources where the regeneration rate is greater than the harvest rate and the local ecology will not be adversely affected.