9cm Round plant pots plastic flower pots


9cm round plant pots

Terracotta coloured

Economical seedling pots

Sold in various quantities

These round plastic plant pots are a cheap way to start planting seeds in your greenhouse or windowsill, so they make a perfect starter pack for anyone wanting to grow their own vegetables and herb plants. Such plastic pots will easily get your tomato plants off to a great start. These planting pots are also easier to use than seed trays as you only need to sow a few seeds at a time.

Lightweight plant pots such as these are readily reusable, simply wash out with warm soapy water and scrub with a pot brush. They will store out of your way by stacking into one another until next time.

These plastic flower pots are so suitable for planting seedlings and cuttings they are essential for all greenhouse gardeners and allotment owners. They are a very cost effective way to grow your own vegetables from seed.

9cm in diameter and 6.8cm high. Made from lightweight plastic each plant pot is black on the inside and terracotta coloured on the outside. Each pot has two layers of holes for improved drainage.

Our range of lightweight plastic plant pots comes in a range of sizes from large to small.

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