11cm Square plant pots strong black plastic


11cm square plant pots

12cm deep

Strong and sturdy plastic

Black plant pots

These strong, black plastic square plant pots are ideal for small perennials. Whether sharing cuttings, sub dividing over grown plants or transplanting smaller plants, these square plant pots are regular favourites with our greenhouse gardeners and allotmenteers.

These plastic plant pots work well in greenhouses when propagating cuttings as by being square they store very easily on greenhouse staging. The plant pots can also be reused time and again by simply washing out with a strong brush and warm soapy water after use.

Each plant pot is complete with two layers of drainage holes. Each of the square plastic plant pots measures 11cm square and 12cm high.

Also available to buy similar plant pots from EdenSupplies in a full range of sizes.

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