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Mail order blister plant plug packs 38x50mm x 5 plugs

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Got too many seedlings and dont have room to plant them? Got carried away with seed planting? Don't worry you can now sell off your excess seedlings and use these plug plant blister packs to post them to your buyers safely and securely.

These protective blister packs are designed for gardeners who like to sell young plants and seedling plant plugs online or by mail order. They will safely and securely hold up to 5 plant plugs within each pack. The clear green recycled plastic allows heat and light to penetrate whilst preventing dampness or moisture leaking through to the external packing materials used for posting.

Whilst these mail order plant plug packs have buttons which when pressed together will hold the cell pack closed, it is advised to also use some additional tape to prevent them opening whilst in the postal system. When posting plants or seedling plugs through the mail system the packs must also be enclosed in a cardboard box as the packs themselves are not meant for posting out in alone.

Each blister pack measures 21 x 19 x 4cm when closed. The dimensions of each of the plant plug cells is 38mm wide by 50mm deep. The hole for the plant stem is 2cm in diameter and there is room for up to 10cm in height of plant leaves and foliage.

These postal plant plug boxes are available to buy in sets of 10 or 50s from EdenSupplies. We also sell Jiffy pellets for you to use to create your plant plugs.

NOTE: plant plugs shown are for illustrative purposes only, they are NOT included.

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