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Jiffy pellets coir peat free pellets - 50mm pack of 100


Jiffy 7C peat free coir pellets are perfect for plants requiring a higher level of air porosity in the pellet. Eg Poinsettias where high volumes of water can be applied to keep pellets turgid without risk of water logging the coir pellet. As with the standard Jiffy 7s pellets these coir pellets also contain a specially formulated fertiliser to get your young plants off to a great start.

Each peat free coir Jiffy pellet is supplied as a dried, compressed disc pellet and they are easily hydrated with tepid water.

Dried dimensions of the pellet: 44mm diameter

Hydrated dimensions of the pellet: 50mm diameter x 42mm height

Also available to buy in 30mm as well as the standard Jiffy 7 peat pellet (in 24mm, 33mm, and 41mm). Check out our range of Jiffy 7 peat plant pots, Jiffy 7 peat free coir plant pots as well as Jiffy hydroponic growing blocks.

Please note: These peat free pellets are manufactured entirely from coir pith, a by-product of the coconut industry. The Jiffy peat free pellet makes use of this abundant waste material to create an environmentally friendly product.

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Free UK delivery on orders over £40