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Peat free plant pots Jiffy Coir 6cm Round

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Jiffy pots are the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic plant pots. All Jiffy pots are 100% degradable and approved for organic growing.

Plant roots will grow naturally through the walls of these peat free plant pots, allowing air pruning and thereby encouraging stronger roots than in traditional plastic pots.

Coir Jiffy pots allow even faster penetration of the plant pot wall than the standard Jiffy peat pot, which makes them ideal for short term crops or plants with a weak root system. Water is also able to pass through the pot wall quicker and more evenly suiting plants which require more precise water control eg poinsettias.

Peat free coir Jiffy pots are 100% compostable with a higher extent of degradability than the standard peat-based Jiffy-pots.

Each of these peat free Jiffy pots is 6cm in diameter and approx 6cm high.

Also available to buy as 4.5cm and 8cm round coir plant pots and as peat-based alternative (both round and square Jiffy pots), from EdenSupplies.

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Please note: These peat free pots are manufactured entirely from coir pith, a by-product of the coconut industry. The Jiffy peat free pot makes use of this abundant waste material to create an environmentally friendly product.

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Free UK delivery on orders over £40