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Orchid plant pots Clear plastic 0.75 Litre 12cm

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Clear plastic plant pots designed for orchid plants. Phal orchids (the most popular ones in garden centres and shops) prefer light and air around their roots so the transparent plastic of these round plant pots suits them perfectly. The clear plastic of the plant pot also makes it easier for you to see when you need to water your orchid.

So if, when your orchid stops flower it needs to be repotted, then these clear plastic plant pots are just what you need. These round plastic plant pots come complete with drainage holes, and available to buy in singles or packs of 10 clear pots.

Each plant pot measures 11.8cm in diameter and 10.8cm high and is 0.75 litre capacity.

Larger sized clear orchid plant pots just like these (1.5 litre, 15cm ) are also available to buy from EdenSupplies.

Decorative Butterfly and dragonfly orchid stem clips are also available to buy separately, as well as standard green stem clips.

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Free UK delivery on orders over £40