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Garden cane connectors flexiballs pack 10 from Bosmere


Quickly and easily build protective netting cages over your tender crops with these flexible ball cane connector Flexiball clips from Bosmere. Simply slot over the end of your bamboo cane or similar in any combination to provide the structure you require.

These flexi ball cane connectors will fit most canes firmly and easily. Flexiballs are ideal for allotments to build windbreaks or protective netting cages. Simply connect your bamboo canes together in whatever shape you require, with Bosmere's flexi balls then cover the whole structure with netting to create protective fruit cage or windbreak material to shelter tender crops from the harsh effects of strong winds.

The Flexiballs can be reused time and time again.

Pack of 10 flexi balls.

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Free UK delivery on orders over £40