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Plant pots

We offer a full range of gardening plant pots for beginners to allotment owners to get you started sowing from seed, or to help you prick out your seedlings into large pots. Our polypots are a great economical way to grow seedlings and of course take up very little storage space when not in use.

Our selection also includes larger and stronger pots designed more for perennials and small shrubs, as well as a range of deep rose or clematis pots which offer the deeper root run these plants prefer.

And for the more specialised gardeners we have a full range of Jiffy 7 pots and Jiffy 7 pellets both peat and coir based to suit the needs of your plants. Likewise for our orchid growers we also have a selection of clear plastic plant pots especially for orchids which enjoy light around their root systems.


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Free UK delivery on orders over £40