Patio planter bag grow bag grow your own vegetables reusable


Vegetable patio planter

Grow your own vegetables

Compact when not in use


Grow your own vegetables in your greenhouse or, on your patio with this reusable and durable vegetable grobag. Simply fill the growbag planter with compost and tomato or vegetables, harvest fresh crops through the summer and autumn, then empty and store the vegetable planter bag in your shed or garage over winter, ready for use again the following spring.

The strong and durable vegetable planter has much more capacity than tradtional grobags. As a result your crops can access far more nutrients and moisture from the soil. This grow bag is suitable for all types of crops, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers.....

Each vegetable grow bag measures 100cm long by 40cm wide and 23cm high. Its capactiy is approx 90 litres. Note Soil is NOT supplied with this vegetable grow bags.

These grow bags are just part of our range of patio vegetable growing bags from EdenSupplies to enable you to grow your own vegetables regardless of the size of your garden.

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